The House That She Built Book

The House That She Built is published by Builder Books and is available to purchase from their site. You can also find it in many local book stores as well as Barnes & Noble, Target, and Walmart. For bulk orders of 100 or more, please send us a message or call our distributor IPG to place your order (800-899-4741).

Coloring Book

The House That She Built Coloring & Activity Book is available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Author


Mollie Elkman spent her childhood surrounded by home builders, yet it wasn’t until she joined the industry herself that she recognized how often she was the only woman in the room. She quickly discovered that just as she was brought into a family business by her father, so were the majority of other women she was meeting throughout all areas of home building.

Over her career, Mollie formed friendships with people who proved that jobs are genderless and everyone benefits from a workforce that embraces diversity and inclusion. One of those friends shared an exciting and ambitious project they were involved in…an all-woman-built home. As Mollie learned about each of the women involved in the project, she could feel herself becoming more and more inspired by their stories. She hopes that young readers everywhere will feel inspired too. 

Mollie Elkman is the President and Owner of Group Two, a leading new home marketing partner for builders. 

The Illustrator


Georgia Castellano is passionate about the homebuilding industry and the importance of an inclusive society. As an artist, Georgia uses illustration to process and communicate her thoughts.

As a little girl, Georgia’s parents and grandparents encouraged hands-on play that cultivated a lifelong feeling of being fully present while creating. They spent hours together dreaming of new ideas and bringing them to life — forts, paintings, paper snowflakes, skits, sandcastles, cookies, and so on — and through all of that open play time, she developed her unique voice and a love for the “doing” part of art.

From the swish of a paintbrush to the swing of a hammer, it’s all art. By developing this book, Georgia hopes that children everywhere know they can do anything, regardless of gender

Georgia Castellano is the Creative Director at Group Two.

The Publisher


Patricia Potts is a long-time champion of the home building industry with nearly two decades of leadership at the National Association of Home Building (NAHB).

For Patricia, it was exciting to publish a book that aligns with her lifelong commitment to advocating for women and children. She believes diversity and inclusion will make us all better and are necessary to bring unique perspectives and experiences that enrich the workplace and classroom.

Patricia encourages all parents to allow children to follow their dreams, define their success, and find their path. With a copy of The House That She Built, all children are empowered to cultivate curiosity about skill development and careers in the construction industry. 

Patricia Potts is the Senior Director, Product Marketing with The National Association of Home Builders.